The showcase for international contemporary art

This annual competition has become nationally prestigious in a remarkably short space of time. The London exhibition held by this open competition’s winners over the last two years has opened doors (see WAC2014 for their comments and details of the competition).

AWARDS. Congratulations to all 2014 WAC artists

1st Prize, the 45 Park Lane Prize: Hye Jung Hwang ‘Solace’. She says ‘Although tactility is subjective and she is dealing with a very personal story, she hopes people can find some common emotions, perhaps suppressed or felt at least once, which can be shared and released together through her work’.

hye jung hwang, from South Korea, seen here with WAC Curator Roy Ackerman, won first prize with her felt sculpture - Solace

2nd Prize WAC £1000: Kirsten Baskett  ‘Postcript 1′  She says ‘Kirsten Baskett’s contemporary prints explore time and memory, traces and absence using obsolete technology as her impetus.’  www.kirstenbaskett.comSecond prize winner, Kirsten Baskett, with her exhibit - Postscript


3rd Prize WAC £500: Anastasia Mina ‘Refugees Set Off For The Beach’. She says ‘Anastasia Mina’s silver drawing, obscured through a labor intensive technique and affected by changing lighting conditions, re-addresses visual historical content.’

Alexandra Mina 3

the Judges for 2014


anita_taylor_bath_spa_universit_450 Smith_foto2Richard-Wentworth-560x372


WAC, an artist driven competiton is a showcase for international contemporary art. This annual competition has become nationally prestigious in a remarkably short space of time. The open competion winners London exhibition was more than a prize, it opened doors, for example, our first winner got a significant number of commissions. We are proud that a large number of renowned contemporary artists are willing to be involved as judges and curators

WAC 2014

All photographs © Ann Cook

Roger Thorp with his video installation - Fountain ProjectRoger Thorpe with The Fountain Project, video and sound

Sam Emm with his exhibit - Colourweave ColumnsSam Emm with ‘Colour Weave Columns’

Richard Wentworth in the students galleryRichard Wentworth with  Austen Beale Thygesen’s work, a student at the Blue School, Wells

O Yemi Tubi from Nigeria with his painting - Unquestionable King ObamaO Yemi Tubi with his work, ‘Kabiyesi Oba Obama (Unquestionable King Obama)’

Dickon O'Hagan with his altered book sculture - On the Surface aDickon O’Hagan with ‘On The Surface’

Alexandra Pullen arranges her exhibit - Paper City

Alexandra Charlotte Pullen with ‘Paper City’


wish you were hereALL Dominic’s work was purchased by an overseas buyer and will go in to a private collection

London – Roy Ackerman’s Tadema Studios announces that Dominic Bradnum, the winner of Wells Art Contemporary (WAC) 2013, 1st prize exhibition has officially sold out at 45 Park Lane. All 20 original pieces of art were sold over the 4 week exhibition at 45 Park Lane.

Dominic is also hopeful of procuring some private commissions off the back of his sell out show.